Common request headers.


Fill this template out with real values.

"Authorization": "String",
"Content-Type": "String, optional",
"x-request-id": "String, optional",
"x-tenant-id": "Integer"


Authorization String, Required

Authorization header (bearer with access token). See the Authentication Guide to get started.

  • Matches ^bearer [a-z0-9-_=]+.[a-z0-9-_=]+.?[a-z0-9-_.+/=]*$
  • No longer than 256 characters.
  • At least 1 characters long.

Content-Type String, Optional

Mime type (e.g. application/json).

  • At least 1 and no more than 256 characters.

x-request-id String, Optional

Request identifier.

  • Valid UUID.

x-tenant-id Integer, Required

Tenant identifier. Contact CRO Software for more info if you don't already have this id. See list tenant ids for info on listing the tenants you have access to.