Get Truck

GET /locations/{location_id}/trucks/{truck_id}

Get truck profile.


Users with the following roles may access this endoint:



GET /locations/{location_id}/trucks/{truck_id}/
Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token}
Content-Type: application/json
x-tenant-id: {your-tenant-id}

Path Parameters

location_id Integer, Required

Location identifier.

truck_id Integer, Required

Truck identifier.

Query Parameters


No query parameters.

Request Headers

Refer to StandardRequestHeadersModel for more details.

Authorization String, Required

Authorization header (bearer with access token). See the Authentication Guide to get started.

  • Matches ^bearer [a-z0-9-_=]+.[a-z0-9-_=]+.?[a-z0-9-_.+/=]*$
  • No longer than 256 characters.
  • At least 1 characters long.

x-tenant-id Integer, Required

Tenant identifier. Contact CRO Software for more info if you don't already have this id. See list tenant ids for info on listing the tenants you have access to.

Request Body


No request body


Response Headers

Refer to StandardResponseHeadersModel for more details.

Accept String

Mime type (e.g. application/json).

  • At least 1 and no more than 256 characters.

x-request-id String

Request identifier.

  • Valid UUID.

Response Body

Refer to TruckModel for more details.

driver_id String

Driver identifier.

id Integer

Resource identifier.

interface_color String

Hex string color identifier.

  • At least 7 and no more than 7 characters.

location_id Integer

Location identifier.

name String

Name (free text).

  • At least 1 and no more than 64 characters.

notes String

Notes (free text).

  • At least 0 and no more than 2048 characters.

out_of_service Boolean

Truck out of service.

  • One of 0, 1, True, False (case insensitive).

require_odometer Boolean

Require odometer.

  • One of 0, 1, True, False (case insensitive).

third_party_hauler_id String

Third party hauler identifier.

  • Valid UUID.

trailer_id Integer

Trailer record identifier.

type String

Truck type (free text).

  • At least 1 and no more than 50 characters.

weight Float

Truck empty weight.

  • Less than or equal to 10000000.
  • Greater than or equal to 0.

Code Samples

curl --request GET --include \
--header "Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token}" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "x-tenant-id: {your-tenant-id}" \{location_id}/trucks/{truck_id}